Laskie: the future of job search
Replacing job posts and resumes with precision matchmaking.
Daniel O'Shea
Daniel O'Shea
Co-founder/CTO at Laskie
November 18, 2021

We are excited to officially launch Laskie, the first hiring platform designed to make precision matches between talent and job opportunities.

By replacing some of the most hated parts of a typical job search with smarter ways of capturing and structuring data, our platform makes sure there is mutual interest, clear expectations, and visibility into the hiring process before either side invests time.

The experience is streamlined to collect only the essential data needed to find matches that are likely to end with an accepted job offer.

In our pilot, candidates have had a significantly better experience than working with a traditional recruiter or applying via job boards. The talent we represent proceeds with 80% of the opportunities that we match them with, at companies that have already confirmed they want to advance to late stage interviews.

What “work” looks like is changing fast. Unlike other platforms that have a narrow focus on full-time jobs, Laskie is able to match people with full-time, freelance, and moonlight work—as well as remote, in-office, and hybrid jobs. Presenting all the options opens up new possibilities to make more money, advance career goals, or have a better work-life balance.

Matchmaking as a better job search model

The transformational shift to remote work over the last 18 months has unlocked more job opportunities than ever before. Traditional recruiting firms and job boards are starting to make less sense.

In a traditional recruiting model, recruiters are asked to find candidates and match them with a single position. While they can provide a personal touch and expertise, if there isn't a fit with the role they’re working on, there is little recruiters can do to help. 

Job boards have fixed the scale problem of traditional recruiters by providing access to a much larger set of opportunities, but the experience on both sides is far from easy or efficient. Job descriptions don’t set expectations well, requirements are usually vague, and job seekers aren’t given visibility of their status in the hiring process. For employers, job boards require extra vetting steps to process the large number of under-qualified applicants they usually receive. Those extra steps result in a process that is slower and less candidate-friendly.

Laskie is building a new model that approaches job search as a matchmaking problem, taking inspiration from the best of recruiting and job boards. We’ve replaced company-centric recruiters with talent partners who learn each candidate’s skills, career goals, and work preferences. Our matchmaking platform then uses this rich data to search a huge number of opportunities to find the best fits.

A better talent solution for employers

Example of what it looks like when a talent partner shares a match with an employer.

While our matchmaking process is designed to provide the best possible experience for talent, there are clear benefits for employers as well. We provide a constant source of vetted candidates who require less upfront screening, are actively engaged, and are ready to start the interview process.

For employers:

No cost to get started: companies pay a percentage of the first year salary or contract if a hire is made. Laskie’s fee is much less than what a traditional recruiter takes.

Help evaluating all talent options: something other platforms don’t do. The Laskie team will consult on hiring strategy and provide the insights that can help determine if full-time, staffing, contract or even agency work addresses the business need. We can help evaluate and recommend different locations to focus your hiring efforts.

Elastic talent acquisition services: through our platform and team of trained interviewers, talent partners and coordinators. Laskie can support your existing TA team, run the end-to-end process for certain roles or fill the entire function for smaller companies. We have had success running the hiring process for difficult to fill, highly specialized and executive roles.

Laskie can help your team with almost any hiring need. In our pilot, we’ve helped companies: interview, run project-based hiring, bootstrap a remote hiring process, schedule and coordinate interviews, assess candidate skills, automate processes, coordinate referrals, and run specialized searches.

Laskie pilot

In Laskie’s pilot, we have made thousands of job matches across early-stage start-ups, high-growth tech companies and public companies. We have successfully placed a wide variety of roles already, including: a public company hiring two engineering managers, a Series C company hiring 6 senior developers, and a Series A company hiring a team of 8 analysts.

Looking for new work opportunities?

Visit Laskie and complete our short application process to get matched (for free) with full-time jobs, freelance work, and moonlight gigs that meet your requirements.

Looking to hire top talent?

Get started on Laskie to get matched with qualified, pre-vetted candidates who are actively looking for work or to use our elastic talent acquisition services.

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Daniel O'Shea
Daniel O'Shea
Co-founder/CTO at Laskie