LatAm software engineers: rising demand in the US
3 reasons why now’s the time to explore US opportunities.
Greg McLaughlin
Greg McLaughlin
Partnerships and Growth at Laskie
March 22, 2022

If you’re a software engineer living in LatAm, you might be exploring the US job market for the first time. Last year saw a 286% increase in remote hiring in LatAm, with Software Engineers at the top of the list. And not only are more companies hiring, but they’re hiring engineers directly instead of through contracting firms.

What does this mean for you? You now have access to thousands of new opportunities and the freedom to pursue companies and projects that interest you without having to worry about geographical restrictions. At the same time, it means you’re starting a new job search in a potentially unfamiliar market.

These are the 3 key points we share with engineers to help them prepare for their job search in the US:

1. Don’t worry, you’re qualified

If this is your first time looking at remote jobs with US companies, it might be a bit overwhelming. You might not be sure if your engineering skills stack up, or whether your English is fluent enough to work with a US team effectively. These are valid concerns and we hear them every day from engineers of all levels. That being said, it’s likely that you’re underestimating yourself.

My team and I have spoken to thousands of engineers over the last year in countries like Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico, and received feedback from hundreds of companies. There’s no doubt that the skill level of LatAm-based engineers is very high. US companies are consistently impressed with the candidates we send them, and consider them more than “qualified” for even Senior engineering roles.

Tip: Beyond skill level, companies are mostly interested in whether the ‘type of work’ will be a good fit. For example, they want to know if a LatAm-based engineer will thrive in a fast-paced US startup.

Long story short: There are a lot of new jobs available, particularly in the US, that match your technical skill set. Companies will consider you “qualified” and want to talk to you. The key for you will be helping these companies understand how the work you’ve done in the past—especially if it was project-based—will translate into success in a direct-hire role.

2. Language isn’t necessarily a barrier

Another misconception is that you need to speak perfect English to work for a US-based company. 

Yes, being near-fluent in English helps. But communication is about more than grammar: it's about conveying ideas clearly, listening actively, and having constructive conversations that help you build something with a team. And that's possible if your English is at an upper intermediate level (B2 in the CEFR) or higher, which is the standard for most US companies hiring in LatAm today. 

When you do have an interview, it’s important for you to be able to discuss the projects and technologies you’ve worked on in the past, specifically highlighting how they will help you in this new role. Make sure to practice speaking in English beforehand. If you're a member of Laskie, you can prep for the interview with your Laskie talent partner.

Also, make sure you prepare by researching the company, role, and hiring manager, so you can ask smart questions of your own. Having an engaging, comfortable conversation where you ask questions and listen just as much as speak will show that you can operate in a remote setting where back-and-forth communication is key. 

3. Salaries are rising

The US job market looks a whole lot different for LatAm engineers than it did just a few years ago. Most of the US companies we work with, from YC-backed startups to multi-billion dollar public tech giants, are now clamoring for access to LatAm engineering talent. 

Because of this growing demand and recognition of your skills, salaries are going up. You can likely earn more than you previously thought was possible. For example, last year, salaries in Mexico and Argentina rose 57% and 21%, respectively.

Also, don’t forget about equity. More startups are offering equity to full-time hires who are based outside of the US. 

What you can do now

With so many product-led startups and US tech companies entering the LatAm hiring space, now is the time to explore what’s out there for you. Your Laskie talent partner can help you find US companies that are a good fit, learn your true worth before going into interviews, prep for those interviews, and even negotiate your salary and equity. All at no cost to you, ever.

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Greg McLaughlin
Greg McLaughlin
Partnerships and Growth at Laskie