Laskie raises $6m seed to match tech and executive talent with jobs
Daniel O'Shea
Daniel O'Shea
Co-founder/CTO at Laskie
December 16, 2021

Laskie has raised a $6m seed led by Bloomberg Beta and Peak State Ventures, with founders and executives at companies including Indeed, Linkedin, Reddit, Instacart, Uber, Airbnb, Doordash, Newfront, Flexport, Doma, and 25+ more participating in the round.

Laskie is a hiring platform that treats job search like a matchmaking problem. We collect rich data about the talent and jobs on our platform to make more precise matches than what is possible with today’s standards: resumes and job descriptions.

Our goal is to create a world-class job search experience that gives people more support, leverage, and visibility into the hiring process than they have today.

A better candidate experience

Job seekers applying through Laskie are assigned a Talent Partner who is trained to understand their experience, skills, and requirements. Talent Partners guide people through matchmaking and advocate for them throughout the hiring process.

In our pilot, talent applying through Laskie proceeded with 80% of the opportunities that we matched them with, at companies that already confirmed they want to advance to late stage interviews. This is a significantly better experience than the typical job search today.

The platform will always be free for candidates.

More effective for employers

Our priority is candidate experience, but employers that use Laskie matchmaking will find us more cost effective than working with traditional recruiters and more efficient than hiring through job boards.

Employers can start getting matched for free, and will pay a percentage of the first year salary only if a hire is made. 

In Laskie’s pilot, we have made thousands of job matches across early-stage start-ups, high-growth tech companies, and public companies. We have successfully placed a wide variety of roles already, including: a public company hiring two engineering managers, a Series C company hiring 6 senior developers, and a Series A company hiring a team of 8 analysts.

About the team

Our team, led by co-founders Chris Bakke and Daniel O’Shea, started Laskie with experience and expertise in the hiring space. Chris and Daniel previously founded Interviewed (YC S15), which was acquired by Indeed and went on to become the largest candidate assessment platform in the world with over 150MM users and 600,000 customers. 

Looking for work?

Visit Laskie and complete our short application process to get matched (for free) with full-time jobs, freelance work, and moonlight gigs that meet your requirements.


Get started on Laskie to get matched with qualified, pre-vetted candidates who are actively looking for work or to use our elastic talent acquisition services.

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Daniel O'Shea
Daniel O'Shea
Co-founder/CTO at Laskie